The Missouri Gaming Commission meets with its new leader for the first time today. Former St. Louis County Executive Gene McNary admits he knows little about the gaming industry, that the only time he’s been in a Missouri casino was for a business meeting when he did no gambling. McNary says he sent in a job application for a job in the Blunt Administration, without specifying anything in particular, watched other positions being filled, and applied for the gaming job when it came open. McNary was hired within days of his interview. What he knows about the commission is what he’s learned from its web site and from meetings since going to work there. McNary is still waiting to hear what Blunt wants from the commission. McNary has no opinion on eliminating the loss limit, which the commission has advocated in the past, but says he agrees with the governor and the commission that any expansion of casino gambling away from the big rivers should come through citizen initiative, not from state action.