This is not the kind of holiday in which people pause to pay homage to those who have given their lives for their country, but this might be a time to remember hundreds of Missourians from that time who gave their lives to our country. They’re scattered throughout Missouri – graves of people such as Daniel Bissell of Connecticut, Robert Beatty of Pennsylvania, Joel Estes of Virginia, Valentine Peers, Comfort Ruggles, Obadiah Tindall and others – Revolutionary War participants who came to Missouri, some before Missouri was part of the nation they worked to create. Mark Schreiber of Jefferson City is a former president of the Misouri Society of the Sons of the Revolution and a former member of the Grave Registration and Burial Committee. The SAR lists more than 400 Revolutionary War heroes buried here and Schreiber says that might not even be half of them. He says it’s important for the search for their burial places go on – so many years after the last Missouri Revolultionary War figure died.