The legal challenge to the initiative petition that would limit the growth of government spending undergoes a second hearing in a Cole County courtroom, with no decision by the Judge Richard Callahan as to whether the petition should be struck down. The judge did rule a couple of the issues are not ripe for challenge, meaning they could not be challenged unless and until the Secretary of State approves the issue for the November ballot. A major issue is the fiscal note and the summary that was included in the petition signed by citizens hoping to get the proposal on the ballot. Plaintiffs’ attorney Michael Dallmeyer argues the financial impact to the state is not made clear. Assistant Attorney General Robert Presson, defending the state, argues that both the Office of Administration and the State Auditor agreed the fiscal impact to the state would be $280-Million, so the fact there was no specific spelling out that it would be a cut in spending should be of no consequence. Judge Callahan has indicated he will issue an order, dealing with at least part of the challenge, Friday.