When people today look back on the Missouri-Kansas Border War of 150 years ago, they probably think the know where the players on each side stood all Missourians were in favor of maintaining slavery while Free State Kansans wanted to abolish slavery and live equally with blacks. But Virgil Dean with the Kansas State Historical Society says that was not the exactly the case. Dean says, in fact, most Free Staters were white supremacists and did not want any Blacks – slave or free – in Kansas. Gary Kremer with the State Historical Society of Missouri says not all Missourians were in favor of slavery continuing. And, Kremer says German settlers’ influence would spread to the point where Germans led an effort to create an anti-slavery stronghold called Upper Jefferson, right next to the capital city – a slave-holding stronghold. Tomorrow, we’ll look at how a sports rivalry has replaced actual fighting. The Missourinet will also air an hour-long feature called The Border War: Where It All Began… tomorrow evening at 7:06 (with re-airings Saturday night at 7:06, Sunday morning at 7:06 and Sunday afternoon at 5:06)