Majority Republicans in the State Senate are flexing their muscle as they head for a showdown with minority Democrats over the photo ID voting bill. Senator Delbert Scott of Lowry City, the sponsor of the bill, says a good faith deal had been struck to pull a portion of the bill that Democrats find objectionable in exchange for Democrats ending their filibuster and allowing an up or down vote. But the filibustering went on, so Republicans will convene a House-Senate conference today, and approve the version which would end straight party-line voting. It will end straight party voting. Scott says Republicans are going to use a rare parliamentary tool known as “moving the previous question” or “” to end the filibustering and force a vote. He insists the bill, which will require photo ID be presended by those voting or registering to vote, will be sent to the Governor and will become law in time for the November elections.

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