An audit of the Department of Corrections’ Probation and Parole Board finds there is plenty of room for improvement in the way the office is being run and in how monitoring is being conducted. State Auditor Claire McCaskill says field officer contacts with offenders have not complied with division standards. In addition, periodic reports are not always completed on time. She’s particularly concerned with the lack of supervision as it regards those who have committed violent offenses. Dana Thompson, Chairman of the Probation and Parole Board, says some of the concerns raised by McCaskill are already being addressed – including better tracking of field officer-offender contacts. Thompson says that while some monthly visits involving offenders might have been missed, there was contact between the offender and the field officer, and that the physical visit might have only been delayed by a few days. The audit is based on 60 cases chosen at random, dating back to January of 2003.

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