A non-profit agency that helps the hearing-impaired and speech-impaired is working hard to serve its clientele – despite Medicaid cuts. The St. Louis-based Center for Hearing & Speech, which was founded in 1920, provides audiology services for large mumbers of children and adults. Among its beneficiaries are adults on Medicaid. The Center’s Executive Director Rita Tintera says Medicaid no longer pays for those services. Tintera says the need for help has not stopped simply because of the Medicaid cuts, so her organization has put together its own program that helps Medicaid recipients who are no longer able to access coverage for the hearing aids. The Center, which treats more than 10,000 Missourians every year, depends on United Way money as well as corporate and private donations. Executive Director Rita Tintera says those who can no longer get Medicaid coverage for such things as hearing aids can still get help from the Center.

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