The Missouri Republican Party is calling on Attorney General Jay Nixon to investigate whether the Secretary of State’s Office has been using taxpayer dollars to conduct partisan political activities – a violation of Missouri law. Republican Party Spokesman Paul Sloca says e-mails, obtained through a Sunshine Law request, indicate Stacie Temple – a spokeswoman for the Secretary of State’s Office – used state resources on state time to provide political advice to Democratic Congressman Russ Carnahan. He also claims former President Jimmy Carter’s criticism of Missouri’s Voter Protection Act was solicited by the Secretary of State’s Office. Sloca claims this is, at the very least, a violation of ethics. Temple claims any contact with Congressman Carnahan or any other elected official was and is completely proper. As for contact with the Carter family over the Voter Protection Act, Temple acknowledges there was communication with the former President’s grandson, but insists any letter sent by former President Carter was done because he believes it to be entirely factual.