Tigerboard.com, an MU sports based website, has posted two pages from a seven page memo from MU Chancellor Brady Deaton which would seem to muddy the waters of the controversy surrounding Quin Snyder’s resignation.

In the memo which, was written either on or around February 21, Deaton indicated that he was aware of the different versions Athletic Director Mike Alden and special assistant Gary Link had when recounting a discussion between to the two on February 8. Link indicated that Alden told him that Deaton, President Elson Floyd and Board of Curators member Don Walsworth had given their approval to Alden’s decision to fire Quin Snyder if he didn’t resign. According to the memo, Alden said told Deaton that he never said such a thing and didn’t know how or why Link thought he did.

Deaton indicated that he didn’t feel the need to mention this earlier because it was just a dispute over stories. He released the findings of his own investigation into what happened on February 16 and said that the whole ordeal boiled down to miscommunication.

The next day, the Board of Curators began calling for an independent investigation, which was conducted by Lebanon-based newspaper publisher Dalton Wright and attorney Jean Paul Bradshaw of Kansas City. Those findings indicated that both Alden and Link had differing stories, but that both had varying degrees of belief that Deaton, Floyd and Walsworth’s approval of the Snyder situation.

Bradshaw told the Columbia Daily Tribune that if Deaton had relayed the information he had, that the second investigation might not have been necessary.

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