A popular tax incentive for local economic development projects would be tightened under a bill passed by the House. Representative Bob Johnson of Lee’s Summit sponsors the bill that he says will end abuse of tax increment financing. known as TIF. Local governments use TIFs to lure business, including retail, by diverting sales tax revenue into infrastructure. He objected when Representative J.C. Kuessner of Eminence attempted to ban the use of eminent domain for TIF projects, saying no one should be forced to sell his or her home. Johnson told Kuessner he should wait for the eminent domain bill that has been filed and not use his bill to address the concerns raised by the US Supreme Court decision that a Connecticut city could seize private property to make way for redevelopment. The House rejected the amendment. Under Johnson’s TIF bill, farmland and land that has never been developed would not be eligible for TIF. The TIF bill now goes to the Senate.