Missouri Democrats have been given their marching orders during the annual Democrat Days pep rally weekend in Hannibal – and they’re now going out, in earnest, spreading the word on behalf of the party’s candidates. The Chairman of the party, former Governor Roger Wilson, says there are several goals for November, but the top of the ticket tops his wish list. He says every effort is being made to help Claire McCaskill defeat incumbent Republican Jim Talent in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race. Then, there’s the other statewide race, which has Buchanan County Auditor Susan Montee representing the Democrats in the bid to replace McCaskill as State Auditor. The second part of Wilson’s plan is to have Democrats make gains in the Missouri House and Senate, closing the gap between his party and the Republicans, who control both chambers. Wilson believes some of the unpopular decisions made by Republican leadership in Washington and Jefferson City will help Missouri Democrats at the polls in November.

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