A major contributor to the University of Missouri Athletics Department may have played a part in the independent investigation into the resignation of former basketball coach Quin Snyder. Doug Albrecht, who is a former Mizzou baseball player, told the Board of Curators last week that he wanted his family’s name removed from the MU basketball practice facility if there wasn’t another investigation. This is according to an interview he did with the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Albrecht paid a half-million dollars to have his name on the facility. Late last week the Board called for the special investigation which began earlier this week. The controversy stems from the allegation by Quin Snyder that broadcaster Gary Link was sent to visit Snyder on February 9 and told Snyder that he was going to be fired if he didn’t resign. Snyder quit the next day. Athletic Director Mike Alden says the only reason he sent Link to talk to Snyder was to gauge his mood and to find out whether or not he still wanted to coach.

Albrecht, who is a friend of both Link and Snyder, is upset that Alden has indicated that Link misinterpreted Alden’s reason to visit Snyder.