By five o’clock Sunday night, Quin Snyder still hadn’t said anything publicly about his decision to resign as the head basketball coach at the University of Missouri on Friday afternoon. Snyder was expected to meet with the media between four and five on Sunday afternoon at Mizzou Arena, according to a press release from the MU Athletic Department.

That press conference never took place.

Just before five, another release was handed out indicating that Snyder’s buyout from the University was not complete and that he would feel uncomfortable talking about the situation until all details had been taken care of. Any inquiries concerning Snyder, according to the release, should be directed towards his attorney, Wally Bley, and not the University of Missouri.

A spokesperson from the Athletic Department indicated that the next interview Quin Snyder conducted would likely be someplace other than on the University of Missouri campus.

The big questions were answered, without Snyder’s words. He resigned, he will be further compensated, Melvin Watkins will take over as interim head coach and the process to find a new coach—while still in its infancy stage—has begun.

However details of the events leading up to his resignation have not been answered by Snyder. A report, which leaked out late Friday, indicated that MU broadcaster Gary Link was sent to tell Snyder that he was going to be fired at the end of the season.

On Sunday that accusation was denied by MU Director of Athletics Mike Alden.

Alden, who met with the media Sunday morning after the second Board of Curator’s meeting in 24 hours, said that he talked to Link after the 90-64 loss at Baylor. Alden added that he always talked to Link following games. During that conversation, according to Alden, he asked Link to check in on how Snyder was handling the six-game losing streak.

“I hadn’t talked to Quin that day and so Gary (Link) and I were talking and I indicated (to Link) ‘When you’re visiting with Coach Snyder kind of see how he’s doing. Gauge how he’s doing, see how things are coming along with the team”, Alden said.

Alden didn’t never mentioned why he didn’t talk to Snyder about this personally.

Link talked to Snyder Thursday night. What was exactly said still isn’t known. Earlier in the day, Snyder told reporters he had no intention of quitting. About 24 hours later he informed his players that he was going to step down.

“I wouldn’t term that at all as a directive. Not at all,” Alden said. “I think to characterize that as Gary being directed, I think that is an absolute mischaracterization.”

When asked whether or not Link told Snyder that he would be fired, Alden said he doesn’t know what Link said to Snyder in that conversation.

After Snyder told his team that he was quitting, he then called Alden later Friday afternoon, according to Alden. The two had a long conversation, but Alden said he couldn’t “recall” whether or not he asked Snyder why he was resigning. He then mentioned that he wanted to keep the conversation he had with Snyder private.

Alden thanked Snyder for his service at the University of Missouri and said that Sndyer was a person he “enjoyed working with very much”. He also referred to Snyder as a “solid coach, a “good person”, and a “tireless worker”.

Alden’s comments on Sunday were the first public statements from the University of Missouri, with the exception of a brief news release on Friday and short comments following the first Board of Curator’s meeting on Saturday afternoon.