We’re still about three years away from Missouri’s next election for Governor. But, that doesn’t stop the pundits from speculating some people within the Republican Party might look at Governor Blunt’s standing in the public opinion polls and decide to challenge him for the nomination in 2008. Among those mentioned as possible challengers is State Treasurer Sarah Steelman. She says she’s focused on her duties as the state’s chief elected financial officer, but she admits she would like to run for Governor … one day. She adds the citizens of Missouri don’t want to hear politicians talking about future job possibilities – They want elected officials to get to work on the jobs they were hired to do, and she intends to do that. Another name mentioned as a possible challenger: former Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Chip Robertson. Missouri Republican Party Chairman Doug Russell doesn’t see any challenge on the horizon from Steelman or Robertson or anyone else for that matter. He sees the party as unified behing Governor Blunt.