The race for the Republican nomination for State Auditor gets a sudden infusion of cold hard cash, courtesy of one of the candidates. Representative Jack Jackson of Wildwood is contributing a half million dollars of his own money into his campaign. Jackson says he made the decision after hearing that Democrat candidate Susan Montee had talked about how she was raking in campaign donations. And he vowed he would not be outspent by those he views as liberal, special interests. Jackson says the money will show his supporters how committed he is to this campaign. State Senator John Loudon of Chesterfield figured Jackson was a man of some means, and wasn’t really surprised by the announcement. Loudon doubts whether this strategy is wise, saying self financed campaigns don’t usually turn out well. He says his campaign fundraising efforts are on track, adding he would like his chances even if a million dollars had been poured into his opponent’s campaign. Each of the two candidates claims to have a higher number of unique campaign contributors. The announcement of the contribution came in Kansas City during the Repubublicans’ annual Lincoln Days weekend. Guest speakers included Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee.

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