If two funding measures are passed in April, the Chiefs and Royals will stay at the Truman Sports Complex. The two teams have agreed to 25-year leases to stay put. But the leases won’t take affect unless a Jackson County 3/8-cent sales tax, which will pay for renovations to Arrowhead and Kauffman Stadium, passes. This is expected to raise $425-million.

The passage of that tax will also kick in a use tax in Jackson County which will pay for a rolling roof. The NFL has promised Kansas City a Super Bowl if it builds the roof. The use tax would be charged to people in Jackson County who purchase certain items of over $2,000 from out-of-state vendors. If the taxes pass, the Chiefs and Royals have agreed to kick in $100-million of their own money to help pay for renovations. The Chiefs will pay $75-million and the Royals will pay $25-million.