While it would be unfair to assert that a single play in the second quarter lost a game for a team, it would be safe to say that the Rams decision to turn kicker Jeff Wilkins into a quarterback didn’t help the Rams’ cause in a 31-16 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday.

The Rams were up 3-0 in the second quarter and lined up for a 25-yard field goal from Wilkins. Instead of kicking the chip-shot, St. Louis opted for a fake. Holder Dane Looker tossed the ball to Wilkins, who was supposed to pass to Cam Cleeland, who was wide open. Unfortunately for the Rams, Marcus Trufant had a beat on Wilkins, who tucked the ball and tried to run. He was tackled and the Rams turned the ball over.

Seattle took advantage of the mistake and used just five plays to move the ball 87 yards for a touchdown. Shaun Alexander scored the first of his three touchdowns to give the Seahawks the lead.

Seattle then scored 24 of the games next 27 points to take a commanding lead. Alexander finished the game with 165 yards to go with his three scores. The Rams dropped to 4-5 on the season, as Seattle won its fifth straight game to improve to 7-2.