The House of Representatives, in Washington, could take up mandatory spending cuts this week. Democrats are trying to rally opposition, especially from the higher education community. Republicans pulled the bill from the table last week in the face of oppostion from Democrats and some Republicans. It’s a response to the President’s request for $50-billion across-the-board in cuts. St. Louis Congressman Russ Carnahan is one of the Democrats who has joined in the opposition. Democrats complain about cuts in student loan subsidies to private lenders and a hike in interest rates. Carnahan says the proposal is “backward” and short-sighted. It’s personal for student Andrea Mclain at Meramec Community Collge in St. Louis. She says she and other students have generated 10,000 phone calls to members of Congress. House floor leader, Republican Roy Blunt of Strafford says the bill probably will come to a vote this week.