Veterans Day, 2005, in Missouri is a chance to recognize those who have served this nation in military service. A spokesman for veterans says it is also a time to recognize their political report. Pat Kerr, Ombudsmen with the Missouri Veterans Commission, says for elective officials and those associated with them, it’s also a day to recognize the political might of veterans. Kerr points out veterans don’t fit the stereotypes many have of them. They aren’t just old guys, telling stories about the world wars. They are veterans from World War II to the current war in the Gulf. Kerr also is participating in a campaign called “The Power of 11” that was inspired by the generosity of a three-year-old. The boy had 11 cents in his pocket and told his grandmother he would give the money to help soldiers. Kerr says she hopes others will be inspired by the boy and give their 11 cents, their $1.11 or their $111 to the Missouri Military Families Relief Fund. Those interested can contact the Missouri Veterans Commission to donate.