The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has released the draft of next spring’s annual operating plan for the Missouri River. It has some new terms for some items of old concern. Army Corps of Engineers spokesman Paul Johnston says the draft plan includes two Spring “pulses” – different than the Spring rises people downstream have worried about for years. But Mike Wells with the State Department of Natural Resources says he doesn’t care what the Corps calls it, it’s still a manmade flood. He’s worried what happens when the water is released, and in the week it takes to get to some parts of Missouri, there’s an unanticipated rainstorm – especially after the rise planned in thunderstorm-prone May. Wells says legal action might be needed to stop the Corps. Johnston says not everyone will be pleased with everything in the draft plan. A copy of the plan is on the Corps’ web site, and public comment will be taken through December 1st.