Kansas City Chiefs running back was in court yesterday to, expecting to defend himself against an assault charge from a woman who is now his ex-girlfriend. Instead, he’ll have to wait until November 29. A continuance was ordered by a Kansas City judge, as the woman failed to appear, though her attorney did.

According to a police report, the woman claimed that Johnson grabbed her and pulled her to an exit after she saw Johnson with a date at a Kansas City bar. The report also claims that he pushed her to the ground. But she later told the Kansas City Star that the report is inaccurate and that Johnson didn’t grab her, pull her to an exit or push her to the floor. The police maintain that the report was based on what she told police.

Johnson’s attorney, Kevin Regan, talked to reporters after the proceedings and said that he had five witnesses ready to testify on Johnson’s behalf.

The alleged incident could create problems for Johnson, since he is already on probation after being accused by a girlfriend of domestic abuse at his home in Kansas in 2003. He struck a deal and got two-year probation. Part of that probation required him to stay out of legal trouble. This could be a violation of that probation.