Chiefs’ running back Larry Johnson was issued a ticket for assault on Monday after an alleged altercation at a Kansas City Bar in the early hours of Saturday morning.

A woman, who says she’s had an on-going relationship with Johnson, claims she was assaulted by Johnson, but disputes some of the information in the police report. According to the report, the woman saw Johnson at a Kansas City bar with an ex-girlfriend. He then sent a text message to her cell phone and the two met in another area of the bar. Then, according to the report, the two got into an argument. The report alleges that Johnson grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards an exit, asking a bouncer that she be removed. The woman told the Kansas City Star that this part of the story was inaccurate. She said he didn’t grab her and pull her towards an exit.

She also disputed a part in the report which alleges that Johnson pushed her to the floor after she confronted the woman he was with. She doesn’t deny her confrontation with the other woman and does allege that he assaulted her in some manner.

Johnson denies that there was an incident of any kind and refused to sign the ticket he was issued.

In 2003, Johnson was arrested for allegedly slapping his girlfriend and threatening her with a gun. In a plea bargain, Johnson agreed to do community service and enter a domestic violence diversion program. He was also put on two-year probation.

Alcohol and bar-related incidents have plagued the Chiefs lately. In a one-hour period during training camp, three different members of the team were involved in three separate incidents. Back up quarterback was removed from a bar during an altercation at a bar near River Falls, Wisconsin, kicker Lawrence Tynes allegedly punched a patron and a bouncer at a River Falls, Wisconsin bar and Safety Greg Wesley and defensive tackle Junior Siavii were arrested for an alcohol related incident at a Minneapolis hotel.

Cornerback Eric Warfield is currently serving a four-game suspension for receiving his third DWI in four years. That incident occurred in September of 2004.

Vermeil said on Wednesday that he doesn’t think this incident will affect Johnson’s status on the team and that he will wait for the legal system to run its course before commenting on Johnson’s alleged guilt.

On Sunday, Johnson ran for 110 yards and two touchdowns in the Chiefs 27-7 season-opening win over the Jets at Arrowhead.