A committee of the Missouri House has approved technical changes to the workers’ compensation legislation passed during the recent session of the General Assembly. And, it has done so with an emergency clause, which would allow the legislation to take effect once the Governor signs it, instead of 90 days later. Senator Jason Crowell of Cape Girardeau, the Senate sponsor of the bill, presented it to the House committee, asking Democrats to join Republicans in passing the required changes as well as the emergency clause. He made it clear he understands Democrats oppose the workers’ comp changes, in general, but pointed out the changes will take effect – it’s just a matter of when. He adds quick approval will end uncertainty for some workers who might not be covered by the workers’ compensation system for a period of three months. The bill, with the emergency clause, passes the panel on a party line vote and will move to the full House. In order to keep the emergency clause as part of the bill, it will need the support of two-thirds of the chamber, and majority Republicans will need the support of more than a dozen Democrats. Republicans concede that is not likely to happen.