State health officials do not think we’ll see the problems getting flu shots that we saw last year. Last year, the British supplier of about half of the nation’s flu vaccine announced it as shutting down one of its factories and would ship no vaccine to the United States. The news led to rationing of vaccine until supplies improved in January. By then, many people had decided to tough it out. Some made it through the flu season without getting sick. The State Health Department says a major producer in this country is doing well. The English company’s Liverpool plant is producing without problems now. And, there might be other sources. But the final word won’t come until the FDA approves the vaccines. The Department’s Sue Denny says the situation looks good, several weeks before the first shots are given. Although supplies should be adequate, there are priorities – people over 65, those with chornic health conditions, and children 6 to 23 months because even healthy children at that age have more complications. Those older than 55 come next and those who have household contact with people who have other health issues. The Department will be putting out more advisories as shot-season gets closer.