Major League Baseball has suspended Royals’ pitcher Runelvys Hernandez and manager Buddy Bell have both been suspended as a result of the on-field brawl with the Tigers on Sunday in Detroit. Hernandez was suspended for 10 games and Bell was suspended for one game.

MLB believes Hernandez incited the fight when he threw two consecutive inside pitches at Carlos Guillen. The first one, which missed Guillen, earned him a warning. The next pitch hit Guillen in the head. Hernandez says that the two pitches were accidental, but the commissioner’s office didn’t buy his side of the story.

Guillen got up and the two players raced towards each other, while the dugouts and bullpens cleared. In the fight, Royals’ reliever Jeremy Affeldt was slammed to the ground by Tigers’ reliever Kyle Farnsworth, which earned Farnsworth a six-game suspension. Tiger starting pitcher Jeremy Bonderman got a five-game suspension and Guillen was fined.

Buddy Bell’s suspension is mandatory, when a manager’s pitcher is ejected for intentionally throwing at an opposing batter after warnings are issued. That suspension cannot be appealed and he will serve it tonight.

Emil Brown and Alberto Castillo, who were both ejected from the game, were not suspended.

Hernandez plans on appealing his suspension.

According to the Kansas City Star, Royals’ first baseman/designated hitter Mike Sweeney arranged a phone conversation between Hernandez and Guillen. In the conversation, Hernandez apologized to Guillen, though he still insisted to Guillen that he didn’t throw at him intentionally.