Changes proposed for the state’s homeland security efforts are touted as streamlining the process, but might sound a bit like someone trying to put their own brand on something that already exists. Shortly after the 2001 terrorist attacks, Governor Holden appointed a state Homeland Security Director. Under the latest executive order from Governor Blunt, Missouri’s homeland security efforts now fall under the Department of Public Safety and a Homeland Security Advisory Council has been charged with submitting a new plan to the governor by January first. When asked if the state did not already have a homeland security plan, Public Safety Director Mark James responded that it did, but not one written by this administration.James couldn’t point to any specific gaps in homeland security that the previous administration had left. But he says you cannot measure success just based on what has not been measured. James is also not sure how much the state might have to spend to get homeland security where he believes it needs to be and he’s not sure if federal money might cover any possible costs.