The Prosecuting Attorney in St. Louis has reopened the murder case of Larry Griffin, convicted of killing a man in a drive-by shooting in 1980. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports new information given the prosecutor indicates Missouri might have executed an innocent man when it executed Griffin ten years ago. A witness told police Griffin was the man who fired the shots that killed Quinten Moss, who had been arrested earlier that year in connection with the death of Griffin’s brother. But now the prosecutor says she has been given information questioning Griffin’s involvement. A man who was wounded in the incident says Griffin was not involved. The first police officer on the scene has given a new story about what happened that undermines the testimony of the state’s chief witness, who was a man from Boston living in St. Louis in the witness protection program.

Archive audio: Pre and post-execution of press briefings at Larry Griffen execution. (16 min)