The Missouri Congressman spearheading the effort to permanently eliminate the inheritance tax is rallying forces on Capitol Hill to convince Senators to go along with a plan already approved by the U.S. House. Northeast Missouri Congressman Kenny Hulshof’s effort to do way with the estate tax passed by a wide margin in the U.S. House – 272-162 – and he has no doubt the measure will clear the Senate if filibustering Senators will allow an up or down vote. Joining Hulshof at a Capitol Hill “rally the troops” event organized by a coalition of groups including the National Federation of Independent Business was Susan Buschmann of Hermann, owner of Mid-Mo Office Machines. She says small businesses are spending fortunes to avoid the crippling tax. Mid-Mo Office Machines was handed down from her grandfather to her father and then to her. She wants to keep the business in the family and is afraid the estate tax will force the next generation to sell the company. The law now in effect will see the tax eliminated by 2010, but the tax returns in 2011 unless Congress takes action.