An unofficial moratorium on executions ended in mid-March and another execution is scheduled this week. Meanwhile, a State Representative is fighting an uphill battle to put a stop to executions. Missouri hadn’t held an execution since October of 2003 until the execution of Stanley Hall on March 16th. Condemned killer Donald Jones is scheduled to die early Wednesday morning. Another death-row inmate, Vernon Brown, is scheduled to die May 18th. Republican State Representative Sherman Parker of St. Charles wants Missouri to stop the executions for now. He wants a moratorium of three-to-four years, enough time to study the death penalty; who gets it and why. And is it effective? Parker has his doubts. He says he used to support the death penalty, but has come to believe it really doesn’t work as a deterrent. Parker has had little success winning support from House leadership, even though he’s a Republican. And time is running out for any chance at getting a moratorium bill through the legislature this year.