The Chiefs approach to the 2005 Draft may have changed a little on Friday when they traded their second-round pick to the Dolphins for three-time Pro-Bowl cornerback Patrick Surtain. On Wednesday President/General Manager Carl Peterson indicated that they would still try to go after defense with their first pick, even if they struck a deal with Surtain.

“I would still look very strongly at a secondary position, a cornerback, or guy that’s got some versatility,” Peterson said.

The top three cornerbacks in the draft are Antrel Rolle of Miami, Adam “Pac Man” Jones of West Virginia and Carlos Rogers of Auburn. Rogers is the only one expected to still be available by the time the Chiefs pick and even that is questionable.

This off-season, the Chiefs addressed their defense, which has been one of the worst in the NFL over the last four seasons. This off-season, they signed ILB Kendrell Bell, safety Sammy Knight and defensive end Carlos Hall.

The Chiefs will get one pick in the first round, one pick in the third round, one in the fourth, two in the fifth, two in the sixth and two in the seventh for a total of nine picks.

The Rams will have a total of 12 picks in the 2005 NFL Draft, starting with the 19th pick overall and the offensive line, specifically right tackle will be one area of interest for them. As it stands, Kyle Turley is still a question mark physically and he has been very vocal about his dislike for head coach Mike Martz. Khalif Barnes of Washington and Jammal Brown of Oklahoma could be available when it’s time for the Rams to pick in the first round.

They may also be interested at going after some help at safety. Antuan Edwards was a free agent and bolted, while plans to move linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa to safety have been scrapped. Veteran Aeneas Williams is expected to retire. If he’s available, the Rams may be interested in going after Thomas Davis of Georgia. He played linebacker in college but the Rams have him listed as a safety.

Bryce Fischer’s departure, will also leave the Rams looking for help at defensive end, as well.

The draft is short on marquee positions, like quarterback, running back and wide receiver, which suits the Rams just fine, since they’re not looking for immediate help at those positions. Rams General Manager Charley Armey said, “It’s an unusual draft from the standpoint that it’s not as heavy at the top….but it’s got a much larger middle class than most drafts have.”

The Rams will have one pick in the first round, one in the second, two in the third, two in the fourth, one in the fifth, two in the sixth and three in the seventh.