The grieving husband whose baby was ripped from his wife’s body four months ago breaks his silence to express thanks for the ourpouring of public support that has been given his family. Zeb Stinnett of Skidmore has declined numerous requests for interviews since the death of his wife, Bobbi Jo, and the kidnapping of his daughter, Victoria Jo. A Kansas woman, Lisa Montgomery, has been charged with cutting the baby from Bobbi’s womb, then killing the mother. Stinnett says his daughter is doing well, now weighing 15 pounds and eight ounces. He says she has three great loves: eating, sleeping and smiling. Stinnett says he’s grateful for the officers who helped find his daughter, the doctors and nurses who tried to save his wife’s life and all those who gave money and wrote cards. Stinnett says that to see the goodness in the wake of what happened gave the family the strength to persevere.