Basketball fans have packed Laclede’s Landing in downtown St. Louis. Elizabeth Barnhart is the general manager of the St. Louis Fish Market and she says business has been unbelievable—they set a sales record for the bar and restaurant on Saturday. Bill Stoverink, manager of the Trainwreck, said they were 80 percent over their regular sales Saturday. Despite the drinking and large crowds, Stoverink has been pleasantly surprised by the fans’ behavior.

“We have not had to throw anybody out of here for any reason,” Stoverink said.

Jim Yaeger is the assistant manager at Sundecker’s and he’s been most impressed with the job the sanitation department has done to keep the area clean. Yaeger left the bar at 2AM early Sunday morning and described the streets as a “war zone”. When he came back later on Sunday, Laclede’s Landing looked like a different place, thanks to those who clean the streets.

The employees at Trainwreck have been working 12-15 hour shifts according to Stoverink and he said, “We’re all going to kick back on Tuesday and close the place and take the day off.” Barnhart’s crew has also been putting extra time, but she said it was also important for her employees to also enjoy the festivities.. That’s why she’s letting them take in the sights during their breaks.

“This is kind of a once in a lifetime event for people who have the tickets and for St. Louis to experience it,” Barnhart said.