While world and Catholic Church leaders reflect on the man who was John Paul the Second, a Central Missouri woman reflects on her few moments with the Pontiff. Cindy Zimmerman is a devout Catholic, wife, and a mother of three girls living in Holts Summit in central Missouri. She has had an audience with Pope John Paul the Second, an admitted, almost assembly-line like process in which each person gets to say just a few words in maybe 20 seconds to the Pontiff. Zimmerman was struck by the connection Pope John Paul the Second made with people, not necessarily through words, although she does admire the works he has written but through his piercing gaze. She says this Pope presided over a very tough time for the church with the loss of those called to the priesthood, in part, because of the scandals of sexual abuse. But Zimmerman believes he has made the church stronger and strengthened the faith of the faithful.