It’s estimated that 100,000 fans have come in from places other than St. Louis for the Final Four and it looks like most of them have enjoyed themselves. David Gans lives just outside of Detroit and was pleasantly surprised, saying the downtown area was more “vibrant” than he expected. Detroit will host the Final Four in 2009 and Gans said, “(Detroit has) a lot of work to do if they’re going to follow in (St. Louis’) footsteps.”

How does St. Louis compare to other places that have hosted the Final Four? Rick Snodgrass is from Southern Indiana, and he’s been to 20 straight Final Fours. He thinks the organizers could do a better job of giving out-of-towners directions around the city.

“Other than that, it’s been a pretty good time,” Snodgrass said.

Chris Datres covered the previous four Final Fours as an employee of ESPN. He thought St. Louis was a good choice, but, “It’s not obviously New Orleans, it’s not obviously Atlanta.” He said the city did a “solid” job.

Kuff Blue, is from Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina was thoroughly impressed with his St. Louis experience. He said, “The people are friendly, the scenery is great, the food has been awesome. (St. Louis) laid out the carpet.” Would Spivey return if he gets the chance?

“Oh man, definitely!”