Imagine telling your wife that you and a buddy are going to travel six-and-a-half hours to the Final Four without a ticket or even a hotel room.

That’s exactly what John Kole and Brian Dreyfuss of Milwaukee, Wisconsin have done. Dressed in magic-markered t-shirts which read, “I Need Tickets”, the 28 and 30-year olds hopped in their car on Friday and headed to downtown St. Louis in search of two tickets to Saturday’s games. Certainly they’re fans of either Illinois, Michigan St., North Carolina or Louisville, right? No. They’re die-hard Wisconsin Badger fans.

But the call was so strong that they came anyways. They said that they were willing to pay upwards of $300 and sleep in their car. “Tickets come first,” said Dreyfuss.

They said that they had some promising leads, but so far they still have no way to get into the Edward Jones Dome.

When Kole told his wife of his plan he said that her reaction was, “What ever.” Sounds like a wife who just wants her husband out of the house for the weekend.