David Sprague’s Random Observations From The Final Four:

What are you supposed to tip the guy who stores your luggage at the hotel before you check in? I assumed five bucks would be enough to not have someone download porn on my laptop in some back room or having to re-purchase it at some downtown St. Louis pawn shop. Luckily, my calculations were accurate. Further, are you supposed to tip the dude again when they bring the bags back? If the answer is no, then I’m just another sucker out five more bucks.

Then again, a five dollar bill has about as much value in St. Louis this weekend as a roll of toilet paper and it’s much softer than the stuff in the bathroom at the Dome. I won’t go into details.

If Illinois head coach Bruce Weber’s voice gets any raspier I may ask him to sing “Betty Davis Eyes” at the next press conference. Potentially stupid move? Absolutely. Would be worth it? To everyone but me, yes.

It was fun watching the Missouri-Illinois alumni game on Friday, especially since I was sitting behind the MU bench for the first half. It wasn’t my seat, but my credential allowed me to go just about anywhere. That’s just the kind of pull I have at alumni basketball games. Holla!

I specifically mentioned that I sat there the first half. I was forced to move because the people who actually bought the tickets showed up after half-time. Question: If you show up in the second half of an alumni game aren’t you basically telling the world that you have absolutely nothing better to do? I wonder about these things.

There are few things funnier than watching members of the media stampede a buffet. I’m not one to talk, I suppose, as I like a buffet as much as anyone. But for Pete’s sake, you’d think some of these guys were just released from a POW camp. And it doesn’t matter what’s being served. I have nary a doubt that they could slop out leftovers from “Fear Factor”, cover it in nacho cheese sauce and we’d not only eat it, but complain that there wasn’t enough. Also, if any of my fellow media brethren and sistren (Microsoft Word tells me that that word doesn’t exist…screw them it does now) are reading this: There is no law against breathing through your nose while you eat.

Games are tomorrow, should be fun…hope the food’s good.