What’s the latest craze in Mizzou and K-State fan attire? Bucknell T-shirts. After the Bison’s 64-63 win over Kansas in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on March 18, Bucknell gear has been flying off the shelf at the campus bookstore and there seems to be a lot of Tiger and Wildcat fans snatching it up.

Lois McLain, who is the supervisor of the bookstore, couldn’t offer up exact numbers, but said, “We (have) a lot of alums in the Missouri-Kansas area but I think we were just a little surprised—or a lot surprised—at all the shipping that we’re doing to those two states.”

According to McLain a large portion of the shirts are going to the Kansas City area, which has a significant number of KU, MU and K-State fans. The most popular shirt right now, is one that reads “Bucknell Has Danced The Big Dance”, on the front and on the back it reads “Just Ask Kansas”.