The NFL awarded both the Rams and Chiefs compensatory draft picks yesterday. The Rams will get an extra pick in the fourth and sixth rounds, two in the seventh and one more in the eighth. They get those picks because they lost defensive end Grant Wistrom (Seattle), defensive tackle Brian Young (New Orleans), center John St. Clair (Miami) and guard David Loverne (Detroit) to free agency last year. That gives the Rams a total of 12 picks in the draft, which will be April 23 and 24.

The Chiefs will get an extra pick in the third round for losing offensive tackle John Tait (Chicago). This gives them 11 picks.

Compensatory picks are awarded based on the NFL’s formula, which determines a players worth by looking at salary, playing time and postseason honors. If a team doesn’t replace quality free agents with players of equal or better value, they are awarded compensatory picks the next season.