Rams offensive tackle Orlando Pace will remain a St. Louis Rams and will make a large chunk of change to do so. Pace, who has been tagged as the team’s franchise player for three straight seasons has agreed to a seven-year deal worth $52.8 million. It is comparable to the deal that fellow lineman Walter Jones got with the Seahawks this month. $18 million of the deal will come in 2005 in the form of his base salary and signing bonus.

Pace was offered a deal with the Texans yesterday, so the Rams decided to sweeten their pot a little. Originally they offered Pace a seven-year deal worth $51 million, but it was back-loaded and didn’t offer as much up front money as the latest deal.

The Rams took Pace out of Ohio State with their first pick in the 1997. In his eight seasons, Pace has been named to the Pro Bowl six times.