Former Cardinals first baseman Mark McGwire will now testify at the congressional hearing on steroid use in baseball. McGwire was invited to speak at the hearings and declined. He was then subpoenaed and confirmed today that he will be there.

New York Daily News reported over the weekend that McGwire’s name came up several times when the FBI investigated steroids in baseball in the early 1990’s. Former teammate Jose Canseco has said in interviews and in his recently-published book that he helped McGwire take steroids when they played for the A’s. Tony LaRussa, who managed the two in Oakland and McGwire in St. Louis, says he firmly disagrees with Canseco’s allegations. LaRussa believes McGwire’s bulk was the byproduct of hard work.

McGwire attracted unwanted controversy in 1998 when the supplement Androstenedione was found in his locker. At the time the supplement was not banned by baseball, but had been banned in other sports. He stopped taking it and it was soon banned by MLB.