The Houston Texans are apparently close to a deal that interests Rams’ left tackle Orlando Pace. If Pace agrees to it, the Rams will then have one week to match the offer or lose him. However, they would get compensation in the form of a first round draft pick in 2005 and 2006 because Pace is their designated franchise player.The Rams have made an offer to Pace, which on the surface, rivals the seven-year $52.5 million deal Walter Jones got to re-sign with the Seahawks. It included a $16 million signing bonus. The Rams have reportedly offered Pace seven years, $51-million and a $15-million signing bonus. Paces contention, is that the deal is back loaded, instead of front loaded with roster bonuses in the first two years of the deal. Roster bonuses are paid if a player simply makes the roster over.