A House-Senate conference committee has completed work in workers’ compensation reform, ironing out the differences in the two chambers’ versions of the legislation and sending an identical bill back to both the House and Senate for their approval before it can be sent to Governor Blunt for his signature. One of the key aspects of this legislation will see employees with injuries who want benefits to demonstrate they received their injuries on the job or as a result of their work activities. Another changes the rules for administrative law judges, who serve as arbiters in workers’ comp cases. Currently, it is almost impossible to remove them. A change will require they undergo evaluations every twelve years. Senator John Loudon of Ballwin, the Senate sponsor, says this helps take the politics out of the office. But Senator Victor Callahan of Independence, a staunch opponent of the final version, says workers are going to be hurt by this legislation. Loudon expects this final bill to clear both chambers by the end of this week. The final version of the legislation wins applause from various business groups, including the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Associated Industries of Missouri. They claim this will do away with the workers’ comp cheats and level the playing field for businesses which don’t want to pay for injuries not related to the job.