With a Republican in the Governor’s Office and Republican control of the Legislature, the state’s business community seems to be getting a lot of the things on its wish list. And, the state’s top business organization rejects the suggestion it has too much influence. The Blunt Adminstration has made no bones about the fact it supports litigation reform, workers’ compensation changes, and other issues of great importance to the business community. Some of the Administration’s opponents have criticized the State Chamber of Commerce and President Dan Mehan for having too much influence on government events. Mehan flatly rejects tha, saying his organization puts forward its proposals and lawmakers make up their own minds. Mehan even rejects the suggestion that the relationship enjoyed by business is similar to the one organized labor had with the Holden Administration. Governor Matt Blunt insists his Administation is pro-jobs and pro-economic growth. The Chamber welcomes that with open arms.