Missouri’s Senior Rx Program, which helps senior citizens pay for their prescription drugs, continues to be popular, but the people running the program want to reach out to more seniors. More than 17,000 Missourians currently benefit from the Senior Rx prescription drug program, and program officials say the re-enrollment rate is at a record pace. But, there are still many senior citizens who are hesitant to join. Senior Rx’s William Buck says there might be some confusion over the state program and the new Medicare discount card program launched by the federal government. Seniors can have both cards, but cannot use both during the same drug purchase. Then, there are concerns that the Senior Rx Program will soon run its course, that it will soon be eliminated. No so, says Buck. To qualify for Senior Rx, an individual must be 65 or older with an annual income of up to $17,000 – A married couple can earn up to $23,000.