Injured Rams’ tackle Kyle Turley spoke on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Thursday and addressed the incident he and Mike Martz had near the end of the regular season. Turley, who has been out with a bad back, was criticized by Martz for not working hard enough to get himself back into shape and questioned whether Turley had the desire to play again. Turley got into a shouting match with Martz at Rams Park, which led to the head coach calling security and filing a report with the NFL. In the interview Turley said he wants to stay in St. Louis and called the Rams the best organization he’s ever played for, but he didn’t deny the fact that he and Martz don’t see eye-to-eye. He says that Martz referred to him as a thief for taking the Rams money while rehabbing his back. Martz didn’t think Turley was moving at a fast enough pace in his rehab.