The sounds of “In The Mood” are heard throughout the State Capitol as revellers enjoy the Inaugural Ball. And it would be a mistake to think partygoers attending the Ball were anything but in the mood to party hearty, as they celebrated the fact Missouri has its first Republican Governor since John Ashcroft. Even some Democrats joined the festivities. After all, a party’s a party, and what’s wrong with having a good time? Several hundred people are estimated to have crowded into the Capitol for this night of fun and frivolity, drinking and dancing. Some hit the dance floor early and stayed until closing time … others headed to the offices of the State Senators, Representatives, and other elected officials to chow down on the food and knock back the wine and the beer put out for the festivities. As the week goes on, we’ll hear some of the contentious debate that is so often the order of the day in this building. But for one night, Democrats and Republicans are … in the mood … to just have a party. [Image courtesy of Bill Greenblatt, UPI]