The State Auditor says she can help the man who beat her for the governorship last year be a better Governor – if he and his party will ask for help or read her reports. Auditor Claire McCaskill says Republicans are spending a lot of time talking about making government more efficient and effective. She says if they’re really for such things, they will want her office to be strong and effective – and not try to inhibit the ability of her office to look at state government operations. Case in point: The Republican proclamations that they want to control the rising costs of Medicaid. The Committee on Legislative oversite says there’s mismanagement and fraud in the prgoram. She says she’s been noting those shortcomings in her audits. But she says it’ll be hard to clamp controls on the program because of all the special interests attached to it. As an example – she says the pharmaceutical lobby already has worked to block “fixes” she recommended in the way oxycontin has been prescribed, or some of the dispensing fees in the state, which she says are way out of line.