Missouri no longer has any State Senators who served in the Senate in the 20th century. Steve Stoll of Festus and Sarah Steelman of Rolla would be gone in two more years becuase of term limits anyway. But Stoll will become the naew city manager of Festus and Steelman will become the new State Treasurer. Both served their first session in the Senate in 1999. Both hope the Senate returns to its more dignified, deliberative traditions after declining decorum and loud partisan arguments in recent years. Stoll says he’ll remember the good things the most. Steelman hopes remaining Senators will not be overwhelmed by the lobbyists who are paid to speak for special interests. Once he takes office, Governor-elect Matt Blunt will call special elections to replace them. This week also marked the last appearance in the Senate of Joe Maxwell, a former Senator who was the chamber’s presiding officer since becoming Lieutenant Governor. The Lieutenant Governor also serves as President of the Senate. He’s returning to private life in Mexico.