Views about the incoming Speaker of the House vary. Former Speaker Catherine Hanaway of Warson Woods says Representative Rod Jetton of Marble Hill, who served as Speaker Pro Tem, is ready to assume the office. She calls Jetton a natural-born leader, who inspires others and never forgets the constituents the legislature serves.But many at the Capitol remember Jetton for his outburst during Governor Holden’s 2004 State of the State speech when he challenged Holden to release school funding he had been withholding in a budget dispute with Republicans. During a pause in the speech that was very critical of Republicans, Jetton heckled Holden, shouting, “Release the money, Governor.” Holden didn’t care for the tactic Jetton used, saying he remembers a different etiquette when he served in the House. Holden says a certain etiquette should be followed by all parties, because everyone serving in the Capitol represent the people of the state. Still, Holden says Jetton now has the opportunity to articulate the solutions he sees for the state of Missouri and Holden says he wishes him well.