The Skidmore baby, called a “miracle” by a Topeka hospital spokesman, has been released to her family. Victoria Jo Stinnett’s mother will be buried today in Skidmore after a funeral in Maryville. Doctors at Stormont-Vail Regional Health Center in Topeka, Kansas say they were “somewhat surprised” at the baby’s condition. The woman accused of killing Bobbi Jo Stinnett and taking Victoria Jo from her mother’s womb has heard charges against her read in federal court in Kansas City, Kansas. Lisa Montgomery did not speak in court; a court in which she wasn’t expected to appear. Authorities wanted Montgomery to hear charges in a courtroom across the state line, in Kansas City, Missouri. Montgomery’s lawyer says she’ll fight a quick transfer of the case to a federal court in Missouri. A hearing has been scheduled for Thursday on transferring the case to Missouri. Authorities accuse Montgomery of strangling Stinnett to death in the Stinnett home in Skidmore, then cutting the baby from her womb. She allegedly took the baby across the state line. She was arrested in her home in Melvern, Kansas. The federal prosecutor has not decided yet whether to seek the death penalty.